We search yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, auctions and attics to find items you didn't know you were looking for. Toss in some brand new items and some handcrafted creations and the mix is complete!


Each of our listings includes an item description, stating the name, approximate size and, if we know, the age of the item. Following that are more details concerning the item. Manufacturer, model, construction, condition, flaws, working condition, interesting facts - are just some of the things that may be stated here.
Antiques Vintage and Older Items
Due to the nature of antique, vintage and older items you will find conditions you will not find with purchased new items. Scratches, scuffs, different colored patina, surface rust and small dents are some blemishes common in older items due to age and use.
With paper items you may also see scuffs, small tears or nicks, age tanning, and creasing. We feel these factors add to the charm and character of our older items. Therefore, we may not state every blemish in the listing. Please study the photos carefully as they are as much a description of an item as the wording.
Rotary Dial Telephones
DSL internet phone service: You will need a add a DSL filter to your phone line. These are readily available at any hardware or phone store.
DIGITAL PHONE SERVICE such as broadband, cable lines (Comcast Xfinity) or VOIP like Magic Jack: You may or may not be able to call out on your phone. Your digital phone service provider will install an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) in your home to divert your home phone wiring from the phone company to the digital line. This ATA takes all your phone calls made in your home, converts them to digital, then sends them down the cable. Most of these ATA devices have issues with phones dialing in pulses (rotary). Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
Inline converter that captures the pulses from the dial and converts them into tones are available online, but it may be tricky finding the right one. We do not sell them here.
MAGIC JACK has a couple of ways to be used. If you use the Magic Jack through the USB port of your computer, then you will not be able to dial out and your ringer will not work. The ringer on vintage telephones relies on a ringing voltage of around 100 volts, you're not going to get that from your computer's USB port! If you use the 120volt plug in that comes with your kit, then your ringer will work, but you still won't be able to dial out.
Since there is NO guarantee that any rotary phone will dial out, the phone can still be used to receive calls, you just can't use it to make calls.
PUSHBUTTON PHONES use tones, not pulses like rotary telephones. Therefore, their functionality should not be effected by modern technology.
All this being said, if a listing for a telephone shows testing results that means the rotary phone was tested BEFORE we gave up our landline and the information in the listing is correct based on old standard landline telephone technology. Still, mainly due to their age, our telephones are offered on an as-is basis with no guarantee how long they will be functional or if they will be compatible with your situation.
Electrical Items
When possible, I check each electrical item before listing the item. Results will be shown in the listing description. An untested item means I have no way to test the item for functionality. I cannot guarantee how long any electrical item will be operational or if an item will be compatible with your situation. All electrical items are offered on an as-is basis
More Information
I will give our very best description of the item, to the best of my knowledge, even if it does not favor the product. Keep in mind I am not an expert appraiser. Any observations made in this listing are my personal opinion and should be viewed as such.
Sometimes due to individual computer screen calibration, enviromental and lighting conditions, and camera flare, the photo of the item may not show the exact true color.   When in doubt, my opinion of the color of the item will be stated in the description.
Actual item received may not be item pictured if we have more than one of the item
All items are offered on an as-is basis
We are a smoke free environment
Our Definitions:
Vintage = An item 20 thru 99 years in age
Antique = An item 100 years or over in age
Collectible = An item of any age with collectible value because of the nature of the item
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